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Stress at workOkay, so everyone’s lives are rushed. I look at my husband for example. We chose to stay out on Pecanwood Golf and Country Estate to afford our girls a specific type of lifestyle. The chances of me being hijacked pulling into my driveway on the estate is zero as it has never happened in the existence of the estate. This means that we are 45 minutes from Sandton and 35 min from Fourways. Rushing up and down to Johannesburg is part of my weekly routine because of the industry I am in. My husband is in the Corporate Sector and commutes, every day, into the Head Offices of Altech which is in Houghton. Always battling traffic in the mornings and the horrific traffic situation on William Nicol / Witkoppen / Cedar Avenue in the evenings. Apart from the daddy’s in the corporate sector, there are many mommies that work full day.

So this leaves the question, do I have time to go to gym? Unfortunately if you haven’t been training for a while you will say “I’m so tired usually, where will I find the energy to go to the gym” and so the vicious circle between inactivity and fatigue just continues. If you just make the choice to start, however small the goal you take on, you will see that your energy levels will increase.

Why is this? Because increased muscle activity needs more energy for muscle recovery and muscle building. When you take on a fitness regime, you will most probably feel the need to eat more frequently. Muscles get their energy directly from protein. Protein is also the quickest energy source. So why will you have more energy? Because training increases the blood flow and more oxygen enriched blood gets sent to the muscles and the brain. Therefore toxins are removed from the blood and the body.

Working outSo today I am going to give you a little fitness workout that can be done at home and only takes 15 minutes. Before embarking on any health care / fitness regime you have to consult your doctor. I support the saying “Quality vs. Quantity”. So, in other words, train EFFECTIVELY with correct posture and technique vs. running at constant speed for 30 minutes. So, having said this, you don’t have to go to gym for 1 hour. The average individual or mommy can have a very effective workout aimed at burning fat and getting fit in half an hour. Ladies, we always want to get rid of some jiggly bits and need to rush off somewhere!


So I give you a Total Body Workout:

Each move should be done for 1 minute.
This constitutes a 15 minute workout.
You can repeat it up to 3 times.

  • Jumping Jacks (Finger tips touching above head and then touching side of legs)
  • Stationery Wall Squat (Knees directly above ankles and legs at 90 degree angle)
  • Push ups (For starter on the knees and advanced normal male or army position)
  • Bicycle Crunches (Arms in crunch position with hands behind ears, legs alternating as close to the ground as possible, slow and controlled completing rotation)
  • Burpees (To be approach cautiously – rather technique driven)
  • Alternating Lunges (Making sure core is engaged and you not slouching forward – Hands on the hips is a good position, more advanced holding weights)
  • Tricep Dips
  • Front Kicks
  • Plies with Upright Row
  • Bicycle Crunches (Arms in crunch position with hands behind ears, legs alternating as close to the ground as possible)
  • Shoulder Press (On a bench or standing)
  • Knee Ups (Knees touching palms at every beat)
  • Controlled Squats (Hands on hips or holding one weight in the centre)
  • Bicep Curls (Keeping core engaged and minimizing swinging motion)
  • Plank (Keep core engaged to protect lower back)

Now, a lot of people will go “Eeeek! This is for the advanced fitness person”. No it isn’t, it is Quality vs. Quantity argument. A Starter can embark on this, and even if you do 20 Jumping Jacks, controlled with the proper technique until you have it down, or only 5 burpees in one minute, controlled with the proper technique until you have the confidence to go faster and achieve more in 1 minute.

The majority of us do not want to win a medal in Fitness, we just want to achieve Fitness first!!!

Herbalife Personalised Protein Powder

And after this workout, you have to have your protein source. Within 15 minutes of completing your workout you need to replenish the protein that you have just exhausted. Now you reach out to your Herbalife Personalised Protein Powder and throw 2 scoops into a big glass of water with a dash of Aloe Vera Concentrate and it works its magic in recovering your muscles and replacing your glycogen. One scoop contains 5g of soy and whey protein. No carbohydrates in this protein powder. It can be sprinkled over soups and meals and heat doesn’t destroy it.

I wish I knew this sooner in life! Protein after a workout is very important. Then you go off to shower and get ready for your day and then on the way to work or your next destination you have your shake. If this is the only tip you take with today, then it will make me very happy!!

“There are only 2 choices: make progress or make excuses – Ellen Mikesell”

Have a great week!

You will be able to order Herbalife on my website.

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